Install Via Python Virtual Environment (Alternative)

  • Install docker, adb, git, python3 and pip3 (in Ubuntu: sudo apt install adb git python3 python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-venv)

  • Run:

1# Create a virtual environment called .venv
2python3 -m venv .venv --system-site-packages
3# Activate the virtual env
4source ./.venv/bin/activate
5# Install clickable
6pip install clickable-ut --upgrade
7# Create clickable app
8clickable create --dir ./

Install as Snap

 1# Install clickable and docker
 2sudo snap install clickable
 3sudo snap install docker
 4# Add connections
 5sudo snap connect clickable:raw-usb
 6sudo snap connect clickable:docker docker
 7sudo snap connect clickable:home
 8sudo snap connect clickable:removable-media
 9sudo snap connect clickable:network
10sudo snap connect clickable:network-bind
11sudo snap connect clickable:ssh-keys
12sudo snap connect clickable:ssh-public-keys
13sudo snap connect clickable:adb-support

Install Via PPA (Ubuntu)

  • Add the PPA to your system: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bhdouglass/clickable

  • Update your package list: sudo apt-get update

  • Install clickable: sudo apt-get install clickable

Install Via AUR (Arch Linux)

After install

  • Let Clickable setup docker (asking for root permissions) and bash completion: clickable setup

  • Log out or restart to apply changes if requested